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So, besides from being an orthodox wine lover and preacher, I am too, together with my husband, a restaurateur and wine buyer. However, with all the wines we taste and like throughout the year, it’s impossible for us to buy it all. Which is actually quite terrible. Therefore we have decided to score everything we taste -both the wines we import ourselves as well as the wines we can’t get our fingers on- hoping that someone else will buy in on our recommendations.

September 2017 update: Tasting notes will be scored with 1-12 (1 is lowest and 12 is highest)
Kendall-Jackson, Vintners Reserve Chardonnay 2015
It might be commercial but it sure is lovely! A medium golden liquid with pronounced aromas of peach, sweet lemon-juice, ananas, vanilla, toast, some charred wooed, butter, cream and nutty notes. On the palate dry with some acidity, smooth alcohol, full-bodied and with pronounced flavours of sweet-lemon juice, ananas, yellow peaches, vanilla, toast, butter, coconut, elegant hints of smoke and a soft, round, long saline finish (10,5-12)
Tasting notes from Collisioni Festival July 13th-16th, 2017
Tenuta Mara 
In Emilia-Romagna where Sangiovese is also very present, biodynamic wine producer Tenuta Mara grows Sangiovese only taking organic growth very, very seriously. The azienda is completely devoted to the spirit of Rudolf Steiner so no use of  any kind of fertilisers are at stake, cultivating is based on the the Lunar and Planetary Calendar using plant and animal origin only and everything is accompanied by classical music. At Collisioni 2017 I had a vertical of their wines from 2011-2015
IGP Sangiovese Rubicone Guiry 2014: Medium-coloured ruby with pronounced aromas of raspberry, vanilla and farmyard.  Dry, less acidic than the others, subtle medium tannins, semi-high alcohol, medium body and flavours of raspberry, nutmeg, farmyard, oak and vanilla. Medium finish (6/12)
IGP Sangiovese Rubicone Mara Mia 2015: Medium-coloured ruby with pronounced aromas of cherries, charred wood, vanilla, nutmeg, tobacco and leather. On the palate dry, medium acidity, firm, well-integrated semi-high tannins, high alcohol, good body and good flavour concentration of red cherries, plum, vanilla, nutmeg, oak and a long lingering finish of red fruit, leather and tobacco. Alcohol a bit too high, but a very pleasant wine (10/12)
Tenuta Mara IGP Sangiovese Rubiconde Mara Mia 2013: Medium-coloured ruby with a slight orange hint on the rim, pronounced nose of farmyard, charred wood, vanilla, cherry. On the palate dry with semi-high acidity, medium tannins, oak, nuts, some cherry and a fairly long finish of coco, leather and tobacco (7/12)
Tenuta Mara IGP Sangiovese Rubiconde Mara Mia 2012: Medium-coloured ruby with orange hints on the rim. Pronounced aromas of vanilla, nutmeg, white pepper, red cherries, plum. On the palate dry, fairly high acidity, high alcohol, medium (+) ripe tannins, good body and fairly good flavour concentration of red cherries, plum, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, coffee. Long finish (10/12)
Tenuta Mara IGP Sangiovese Rubiconde Mara Mia 2011: Deep ruby coloured, warm and medium pronounced aromas of red cherry and raspberry, charred wood, vanilla, nutmeg, coffee. On the palate smooth and dry with semi-high acidity, alcohol and ripe semi-high tannins. Full-bodied with good flavour concentration of red plums, nutmeg, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, coconut, charred wood. Long finish (10-12)
Tenuta Mara_JenniferDelaloca_Tastingnotes.jpg
Tasting notes June 22, 2017
A glass of afternoon Summer
Were Dreams…. from Jerman, vintage 2008 – as the colour reveals this wine has gotten old but oh my, with seldom grace. Gorgeous. We tried to drink it the other night for dinner having a Sardinian speciality; Aragosta alla Catalana (lobster with tomatoes, lemon, white vinegar, celery and white onions) and it completely lost its breath so we actually gave up on it and found something else. But, you never know, so we kept it in the fridge to try it again suspecting it was the high level of acidity in the dish that killed it. Having a moment to myself this afternoon I poured a glass and (emptied the bottle – wait a minute, there were only tops half a bottle left when I started!) had a very lovely experience. This is what I got:
Beautiful, deep golden color, strong nose of stone fruits peaches and apricots, butter in sync with lemon zest, coconut, toast and vanilla – after a while floral nose of lilies, pungent spice knocking on the door – that was mustard – particularly that smell of ‘mostarda’ (preserved fruit, often stone and citrus, with mustard), then stewed apple and applepie. Slight, slight, slight note of nuts and caramel, so starting to oxidise
On the palate a harmonious orchestra of biscuits, vanilla, butter, peaches, dried apricots, some of that mustard I had from the nose, toast, apple pie and a very philosophic much fairly long finish, rich and smooth body, good acidity (despite of it’s almost 9 years), well balanced alcohol (by no means aggressive with 13,5% abv), surely fully developed, so drink now. Thank you Jerman, I’ll toast to that anytime
Once were dreams....jpg
Colterenzio is a co-operative winery consisiting of a board, a direction and 300 very proud grower-members -the Ambassadors- in Northern Italy’s Alto Adige, with a wine history dating back to 15 b.C.
From 1979 visionary Luis Raifer was behind the wheel, soon joined by his son Wolfgang Raifer who neatly followed in his father’s footsteps serving the co-operative first as winemaker, then in the sales departement and finally, until 2017, as the azienda’s Ceo.
The first time I tasted Colterenzio’s wines myself was around 10 years ago. I had some of their Lafoa wines and of course the Chardonnay Formigar (then called Chardonnnay Cornell). Having a soft touch for Chardonnay I instantly fell in love with the house’s wine style and have continued to appreciate it throughout the years. The latest vintage of 2014 is no exception;
Tasting notes May 29, 2017

  1. Chardonnay Formigar 2014, Colterenzio

Tight lemon-green colour with great nose of vanilla, peach, lemon zest, apricot, ginger and oak. High on acidity spoused with a rich palate of charming lemon, lovely peach & apricot, pleasantly well-balanced alcohol, decent oak, vanilla, some exciting ginger, smooth butter, toast and a fairly long finish. Drink now (though a bit too young) til 2020-2022
Chardonnay Formigar 2014.jpg
Maranzana Winery
Maranzana winery is a cooperative founded in 1959 consisting of 200 producers and 4.500 HA, located in Monferatto, Piedmont.
Tasting notes May 19, 2017

  1. Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2016 – Trabucco

Light ruby, spicy nose with red cherries, pepper and hints of cloves. On palate lots of cherries, some tobacco leaves, pepper, low tannins and well integrated alcohol but a bit too fresh (sour). Short finish

  1. Piemonte Albarossa – Le Giare

Deep purple, some spice on the nose, black plum, cocoa, oak and vanilla. On palate, same with good acidity, high alcohol and fair tannins. Short finish

  1. Brachetto d’Acqui

Pale ruby, lovely rose petals, roses and lots of strawberry, some lemon juice to it as well. On palate pleasantly sweet, wild roses, strawberries, light fizz, and middle-long finish. Low alcohol (5,5%)
Tasting wines from Maranzana Winery

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