“I am doing wine and life design. I am #wine and my #lifedesign.” – This is my favourite line, my elevator speech, my purpose, my story, my life, me.

My name is Jennifer Delaloca, I’m a speaker, wine course performer with 25 years of experience within the food & beverage industry, a wine buyer and a restaurateur. I’m also a mommy, wifey, sister, daughter, friend and colleague.

On this blog I write about wine and lifedesign. Wine is easy – I write about the trade in general, I share my knowledge, thoughts and I do wine recommendations.

When I write and speak about lifedesign, it’s about getting to where you wish to go, #justdoit opposed to not believing in yourself, put #happyonrepeat instead of dwelling at what prevents your happiness, remembering that before anything started there was nothing and if you think it and visualise it you can become it, you can do it. At the same time be careful with what you wish for, be careful with your thoughts, they will not remain where they are, they will come and get you, they will become you.

In real life I sell the knowledge I’ve gathered this far on both topics; I sell wine courses (seminars, tastings, workshops and in Fall my first online wine classes will launch), all with the intent to help people get much, much wiser on wine, from basic facts to all the complexity that surrounds wine.

With regards to #lifedesign I sell speeches with topics like how to get to where you want, how to get up again after bankruptcy, how to keep a positive mind putting #happyonrepeat

And if that’s not enough, together with the love of my life, Ermenegildo Russo, we run a wine company and we run Copenhagen’s cosiest Italian integrated restaurant & wine shop in the City, just behind Tivoli; L’Enoteca di Mr. Brunello (lenoteca.dk).

My way into the wine business is a fairytale. In my early twenties I was seduced with and by wine. Ever since I’ve been working intensively with this wonderful invention, as a restaurateur, buyer, writer and speaker.

You can book me, make a booking request or ask for further informations by sending an email to: jenniferdelaloca@jenniferdelaloca.com

PS. I also do several ‘open’ wine events at L’Enoteca di Mr. Brunello. Keep posted by looking at lenoteca.dk


Wine Diploma, WSET Level 4 (expected 2018)
Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) Certified Italian Wine Ambassador (2017)
BSc, Italian Language & Culture, Copenhagen University (2014)
E-Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Case Western University (2013)
Waitress, The Danish Hospitality College, Copenhagen (2003)
Member of Ian D’Agata’s Wine Expert Panel at Collisioni 2017 in Barolo



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