North Coast California: How prestigious wineries’ recognition came along and how these wineries challenge old world counterparts

Anyone in the right location, with adequate viticulture and wine technique skills, money and patience can make premium quality wine


How much S… can you handle?

Doubt is a double-edged sword at it’s worst blocking from reaching full potentials. Important to be aware, important to handle it

Collisioni Festival – The Wine Project

Collisioni Festival is a tribute to Food, Music, Art, WINE and a reminder to where Will Power, Dreams and Visions will bring you when you believe hard enough Huge well-organized Street Party in the heart of tiny Barolo Collisioni Expert Panel Visions and Will Power  Nike says: #Justdoit ___________________________________________________________________________________________ From July 16th – 19th I…

Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) 2017

What the #VIA Program is bringing to the World of Wine and what it should mean to the Native Italian Wine Market in Copenhagen Few years ago Stevie Kim & Ian D’Agata decided to join forces and launch a new educational initiative: The Vinitaly International Academy Program. First edition took place in 2015. The main…

‘Premiumising’ Made in Italy

Can you ‘premiumise’ by lowering the prices instead of rising & gain brand recognition? Premiumization was originally about managing to up scale a product or a service convincing customers to buy at higher prices by positioning a given brand, targeting the audience, telling a fascinating story, aspire, excelling at justifying the higher prices, keeping whatever promised…

Wine Fraud or not – et spørgsmål om tillid, kundskab og bæredygtighed

Den verden hvor vinflasker sælges til flere hundrede tusinder af kroner og dollars, er en verden fjern for mange, hvor langt størstedelen af os – det druenydende folk – har svært ved at forstå at (eller om) det vitterlig kan være rigtigt. Ikke desto mindre er det ganske vidst; sørme ja, der er adskillige ‘almindelige’ flasker…

Barolo -Conterno 1998- what a gem

A wine like this is hard to find, afford, and might be hard to understand. You should want to taste thousands of wines before you get here.